Christian City Church Usa

Christian City Church Usa: Turning

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Artist: Christian City Church Usa
Title: Turning

Christian City Church is a global church planting movement started in Sydney Australia by Dr Phil and Christine Pringle. It now reaches tens of thousands of people globally through nearly 200 local churches worldwide. This record captures the worshiping heart of the American C3 churches, recorded live over 5 very hot, very memorable June nights and during a wild but very typical Georgian thunderstorm at Christian City Church Atlanta, Georgia. 2006 Musicians and singers from Christian City Churches around the USA flew to Atlanta to capture the live worship events at our annual "Holy Spirit" conference this summer, it was a crazy week. Nearly 3000 people passed through the building over 5 nights where they participated in some of the most energetic praise of God they have ever experienced and also some of the most powerful and stirring worship. The presence of God was overwhelming at times, the music was 'on' and there were powerful ministry times with Ps Fergus McIntyre, Ps Graeme Fletcher and C3 Atlanta's pastors,Dean and Jill Sweetman. We had the crowd covered with microphones so you can hear and feel what it was like to be there, you can hear lightning hit the building, the obligatory cell phone, praying, singing, laughing...everything. For those that were at the event, we hope this CD serves as a memorial for an amazing week and we hope it helps you worship God over and over again. For those that couldn't be there, June next year we do it all again! We hope the CD serves to help you worship God in a new way and as these songs have already begun to 'travel' and be sung in churches all around the world, we hope they are a blessing to you too ~ Steve Deal.

1.1 Take a Hold of Me
1.2 Saved
1.3 Weightless
1.4 Heart and Soul/Your Love
1.5 I Surrender
1.6 Letting Go
1.7 I'm Yours
1.8 Hallelujah
1.9 Beautiful
1.10 Deep Down Inside

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