Christian Death

Christian Death: Deathwish

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Artist: Christian Death

Artist: Christian Death
Title: Deathwish
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited Deluxe Edition clear vinyl LP pressing reissue of the powerful and legendary EP of demo recordings by goth rock icons Christian Death originally released in 1984 but recorded in 1981 just prior to their debut album! Includes 5 bonus tracks and a gorgeous 12-page booklet of texts and illustrations that inspired the band!

1.1 Deathwish
1.2 Romeo's Distress (Nouvelle Version)
1.3 Dogs
1.4 Desperate Hell
1.5 Spiritual Cramp (Nouvelle Version)
1.6 Cavity (Nouvelle Version)
1.7 Sleepwalk (Original Version) (Bonus Track)
1.8 Invocation III (Bonus Track)
1.9 Haloes (Bonus Track)
1.10 Spectre (Love Is Dead) (Bonus Track)
1.11 Romeo's Distress (Demo 1981) (Bonus Track)

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