Christian Parker

Christian Parker: Wonderland

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Artist: Christian Parker
Title: Wonderland

Up in Northern NY where the winters are cold and summers are short, it's a good idea to find a hobbie to pass the time. Born in 1968, Christian Parker has been writing and recording his own music since the early age of 15. He released his first album on vinyl in 1986 which was a local success and introduced him to the public. After high school, when others were seeking higher education, Christian traveled to NY City to pitch his music to record companies. A hard business to break into and a changing music scene in the late 1980's helped develop a strong live musical performance. By 1990, Parker released his second album of songs, collaborating with Peter Pendras, a guitar player with the band Wild Choir on RCA Records. Pendras, a veteran player helped Christian craft and produce his style further. Songs were written and published by BUG Music in Nashville, TN, and pitched to well known artists like Marshall Crenshaw and Art Gurfunkel. During the mid 1990's Christian continued to perform and played in a group called the Hollobodies, which was a acoustic duo with Michael Welch and Josh Daby on percussion. This three member group played until early 2001 and still has reunion gigs from time to time. In recent times, Christian has been writing and recording songs with Barb Heller, releasing a CD in early 2007 entitled Now and Then. He is currently developing his website and MySpace pages to have his music heard all over the world. There is a solo album in the works which should be out at the end of 2009. This next project will have a mix of acoustic ballads and traditional sounding songs.

1.1 Gone But Not Forgotten
1.2 Good Times Go
1.3 Innocent Eyes
1.4 Lighthouse
1.5 Forever's As Far As I'll Go
1.6 Never Know Til You Try
1.7 Wonderland
1.8 Living to Close to Home
1.9 Gold ; Silver
1.10 Child of the Moon

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