Christie Hardwick Vianson

Christie Hardwick Vianson: Keep the Lights on

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Christie Hardwick Vianson
Title: Keep the Lights on

Christie has been singing at the top of her lungs since she was 3, performing in musicals, singing Motown in the kitchen with her sisters and brother and in various choirs. After more than 40 years of building a career, which included being a Silicon Valley executive (who sang at meetings occasionally) and helping elect a president in the early nineties she is making her debut as a singer and songwriter. Every time that Christie has performed in her life she has been encouraged to do more of it. Until now she was afraid that in doing something she really loved, would be the first time in her life she would fail at something. She now knows that she cannot fail because this music comes from her heart and it will reach all the right people and she will touch them and their lives and her offering will have been perfect. Christie is the mother of 3 children, twins who are 25 and a 16 year old son who inspired the song 'sacred son'. She is an executive coach and consultant who specializes in helping individuals and organizations break through their previous limitations and step up to what her new company brands a 'spirited contribution'. Christie is a sought after speaker and loves her life of working professionally in both music and corporate endeavors. She hopes you enjoy her debut album and that you will keep the lights on within your soul and let love be your goal.

1.1 Keep the Lights on
1.2 What If I Believed
1.3 Sacred Son
1.4 Where My Heart Resides
1.5 I Don't Know
1.6 It's Your Cue
1.7 Fruits of My Thinking Now
1.8 You Always Have Your Way
1.9 Large Women
1.10 Moving Toward the Light
1.11 Let Love Be Your Goal

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