Christina Gaudet

Christina Gaudet: Wild Things

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Artist: Christina Gaudet
Title: Wild Things

This album's production concept is about empowerment, concerns for the planet and the future of mankind. It is a plea for positive change, to love out loud every single day, for justice, for beautiful mother earth, for a worldwide love, we all share. This is the age of amazing, to be faced with grace and light. There is a higher power to be recognized, there is the power of the conscious mind of the whole and there is the power of self-manifesting. It is ours to create a new and better world. We are surrounded by eternity.

1.1 Wild Things
1.2 World Wild Love
1.3 Burn
1.4 Hurricane
1.5 Acadia
1.6 Love Drive
1.7 Raw
1.8 Wave
1.9 Face to Face
1.10 Like You Do
1.11 Change
1.12 Higher Power

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