Christine Salhany

Christine Salhany: Your Face-Featuring Guest Vocalist Carol Rogers

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Title: Your Face-Featuring Guest Vocalist Carol Rogers
Label: CD Baby

We have several albums in various genres that are currently distributed by CD Baby. These include Jazz, Country, Ska-Samba and Pop-oriented CD. All songs were written and produced by Jimmy Mitchell Salhany, d.b.a. Singolo Productions, and distributed under the Christine Salhany and Crossing Genres logo. Christine Salhany has sung and performed most of Jimmy's songs, with Jimmy covering vocals on others. The new single, 'Your Face,' is a song Jimmy wrote several years ago in response to a TV program on children and world hunger (copyright Jimmy M. Salhany 2008, PAu 3-416-330). The survival of children has become even more acute today making release of this song vital. The vocalist on this production is Carol Rogers. Carol is an Omaha native who has the unique distinction of having sung with Sergio Mendes and Brasil 88 for about 25 years. We were very fortunate to have Carol sing Jimmy's song, Your Face, where she offered a powerful, emotional interpretation.

1.1 Your Face - Christine Salhany and the Crossing Genres Band

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