Christopher Kent

Christopher Kent: Piece of the Puzzle (12 Songs of Hope)

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Title: Piece of the Puzzle (12 Songs of Hope)
Label: CD Baby

Piece of the Puzzle (12 Songs of Hope) is one half of Christopher Kent's book & CD set 'Help and Hope.' This CD is Christopher's fifth - a fully produced collection of original songs, including many fan favorites, that celebrate human strength, insight and heart. The title song, Piece of the Puzzle, includes wit and wisdom from dozens of well-known individuals, from Einstein to George Burns. (An earlier, less-produced version of the title song received airplay on numerous radio stations up and down the East Coast.) Christopher is currently completing a fully produced video of the title song that may already be available on YouTube by the time you read this! The closing song, 'Children of the Sun,' is the song Christopher considers his finest piece of work (after decades of writing and performing, and teaching songwriting in New York City for five years). 'I've gotten the highest compliments of my career in response to that song,' he says. 'I worked on it for years before I was satisfied with it, and I think the album arrangement and production is every bit as good as the song itself.' All of the songs on the CD are designed to remind us that no matter what the challenge, we can prevail! Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune, the book half of Help and Hope (available separately in both physical and e-book format from your favorite online book source) presents a powerful set of ideas and strategies designed to help you avoid 10 of life's biggest pitfalls, both practical and psychological - pitfalls that can sideline you and undermine your efforts to create the life you'd like to be living. A compendium of real-life stories and examples, combined with the latest research (along with 15 illustrations, tables and charts), Staying Off the Wheel of Misfortune shows what can go wrong in life; why it often does; and how you can avoid missteps, or recover from them if you're already caught on the Wheel of Misfortune. Using the ideas in this book, you can become a passionate, effective, adaptable and caring person, in good times or hard times - while creating the life you want. Together, the book and CD are a powerful reminder that life is worth living - and that it is indeed possible to create the life you want!

1.1 Piece of the Puzzle
1.2 Desert Rain
1.3 Your Age Is None of Your Business
1.4 We Will Meet Again
1.5 Wind on the Water
1.6 Part of It All
1.7 Just Another Stranger (Going Home Again)
1.8 Love Looks for You
1.9 Questions
1.10 Nothing Lasts Forever
1.11 If I Could Give You Words
1.12 Children of the Sun

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