Christopher Young

Christopher Young: U-Boats: The Wolfpack (Original Soundtrack Recordings)

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Product Type: CD

Title: U-Boats: The Wolfpack (Original Soundtrack Recordings)
Label: BSX Records Inc

The original soundtrack as composed by Christopher Young for "U-Boats-The Wolfpack" and several other World War 2 documentary films produced by Midwich Entertainment.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 The German War Machine
1.3 Invasion
1.4 Aftermath
1.5 The Resistance
1.6 Panzers
1.7 Fortress Europe
1.8 Blitzkreig
1.9 The Homefront
1.10 The Pacific Fleet
1.11 A North Atlantic Passage
1.12 The Prisoners
1.13 Operation: Overlord
1.14 The Price of Victory
1.15 The Push to Berlin
1.16 Those Not to Be Forgotten
1.17 Liberation!

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