Christy Ballestero Huntley

Christy Ballestero Huntley: Only for You

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Artist: Christy Ballestero Huntley
Title: Only for You

Anoited, powerful worship and ministry have certainly been no stranger to Christy Huntley Ballestero. Born into a minister's home, her parents were full time evangelists. Christy has known nothing but worshipping God and being in His presence. Her parents traveled the US singing and preaching until they assumed a full time pastorate when Christy was 5 yrs. Old. The love of music has been in her blood since the beginning. She became the adult choir pianist at age 12. She wrote her first songs at an early age. When she was in her late teens she became completely passionate about songwriting. She has currently written 200+ songs. You will feel the sincerity of her worship and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ displayed throughout her music. Her songs are designed to take you to the next diminsion of worship. Christy currently resides in Raleigh, NC, where she and her husband pastor the Temple of Pentecost. She is the homeschool mother of three. Her goal is that you will be encouraged to continue, inspired to know HIM, dedicated to pursue HIM, and committed to love HIM through each lyric and melody. Be blessed!

1.1 Only for You
1.2 What Would I Do?
1.3 We Will Remember the Name
1.4 Jesus Is Touching Me Now
1.5 All You Need
1.6 Workin' It Out
1.7 Your Hand on My Life
1.8 Don't Be Afraid of the Rain
1.9 I'm Not Gonna Worry
1.10 Set the Captive Free
1.11 I Wanna Testify
1.12 Surely Goodness and Mercy
1.13 Keep the Dream Alive

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