Chuck Butterworth

Chuck Butterworth: Disappearing Acts

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Title: Disappearing Acts
Label: CD Baby

Chuck Butterworth There are two kinds of people in the world. And Chuck ain't one of them. Chuck's music is not made for the general public. Neither is he, for that matter. First release in 40 years. It's the economy, Genius. Lazy old musician finally hits 10,000-hour mark. Who is Chuck? Real like butter. The best we can tell, Chuck Butterworth is a singer-songwriter-musician who's eclectically charged--with a power source all his own. The wit and grit in Chuck's lyrics let you in on some kind of inside joke and that all-too-familiar heartache. His originals will have you laughing, crying, and wondering. Where's Chuck been? A natural progression from a high tone/low tone past. Chuck has been afflicted with music since he was 14, and he wrote the first of over 400 songs at age 16. He plays guitar, harmonica, keyboards, penny whistle---and he's not even ashamed to pick the banjo. An original member of Birmingham's The Bassmen in high school, Chuck's been playing around ever since. At Auburn University, Chuck and the other Candy Store Prophets headlined for such infamous annual events as the Hayseed Party and The Grain Alcohol Bash. Throughout the 1970's, Chuck played mostly acoustic music with Eddie Robinson in Birmingham and The Part-time Band in Auburn. Just to build his character, Chuck loaded the U-Haul and moved to Nashville in 1987 where he wrote and performed. Yet another savvy career move found him flipping burgers at Brown's Diner. Figuring he'd built enough character to last a while, Chuck returned to Birmingham and happiness in 1993 to be with his childhood friend Mary. They married in 1997. These days Chuck plays lead guitar and sings with Lost in the Ozone, featuring his old pal Eddie Robinson and other great local talents, and plays his originals around town, as well as teaching 20+ students guitar weekly. What Does Chuck play? Folk-lectic at it's finest. A unique and timeless mix of folk, blues, and country. Originally influenced by old-time rock and roll, today Chuck's music also reflects the inspiration of the folk era, Irish ballads, and classic country. Chuck has developed a style that's smooth, rich, and real as, well, butter. Sit back, relax, and let Chuck's cool grooves, hot licks, and fun, one-of-a-kind lyrics transport you to a better place. Your ears will thank you.

1.1 Weren't We the Ones?
1.2 The Midway Man
1.3 I'm Leaving Nashville
1.4 I'm Goin' Back to Birmingham
1.5 A Few More Miles to Heaven
1.6 Take Me to the Gates
1.7 Gentle Arms Virginia
1.8 Rebecca's Bungalow
1.9 On a Train
1.10 This Lovely Girl
1.11 Opelika
1.12 Edge Ho!
1.13 Winds of the Liffey
1.14 Wild Bill
1.15 Searching Alabama Counties
1.16 Do the Clock
1.17 The Bend in the Woods
1.18 Sam McGee
1.19 A Song in Your Heart
1.20 Roll on with the Dream

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