Chuck Glass

Chuck Glass: Centered Off Center

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Artist: Chuck Glass

Artist: Chuck Glass
Title: Centered Off Center

CG's 2nd solo CD is packed w/ soulful vocals, many talented instrumentalists and his attitude filled songs about real life. Also Features his bluesy Hammond B3 & funky Fender Bass all masterfully recorded w/ the 'old school' in mind.

1.1 That Love Is You
1.2 Love Me Like You Mean It
1.3 I'm All Bidness
1.4 I Love My Life
1.5 High Jiggleisity Factor
1.6 Somebody to Run
1.7 On My Way Back
1.8 Takin' Out the Crease
1.9 Centered Off Center
1.10 Break the Chain
1.11 I Don't Want No Trouble
1.12 Bullet
1.13 Your Luck's Gonna Change
1.14 Happy Place
1.15 Hobo

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