Chuck Kent

Chuck Kent: Same/Same: Songs for Adoptive Families

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chuck Kent

Title: Same/Same: Songs for Adoptive Families
Label: CD Baby

PROCEEDS BEING DONATED. During November & December 2010, Chuck Kent is partnering with the global humanitarian organization WorldVision. Proceeds from the sale of physical CDs will go to support their work with children - including many orphans - and families worldwide. 'Same/Same: Songs for Adoptive Families' is an album of 11 original songs about adoption, perfect for families with children up to 8 years old. Adoptive Families magazine calls it 'catchy' and 'clever' and notes that... 'the lyrics put to music how children think and feel about adoption.' 'The songs were written and performed by Chuck Kent, the father of two children adopted from China.

1.1 Same/Same
1.2 Learn to Say
1.3 Tell Me the Story Again
1.4 The Real Deal
1.5 Mama Always Comes Back
1.6 In My Dreams
1.7 Ask Me Anything
1.8 This Is My Forever Family
1.9 Always, Always, Always
1.10 Sometimes I Wonder
1.11 Go to Sleep

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