Chuck Williams

Chuck Williams: Smart Too Late Old Too Soon

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Artist: Chuck Williams

Artist: Chuck Williams
Title: Smart Too Late Old Too Soon

This songwriters music is of love gained, love lost, growing up and growing old. He can take you on a journey that makes you think, smile and at times want to cry. These lyrics and melodies are of a musical journey reflecting emotions of everyday life. The Ohio-born, Massachusetts resident has steadily been gaining critical acclaim throughout New England songwriting circles, and has even earned several awards for his finely tuned craft. Employing a voice that resembles Neil Young's with the edges rounded-off, Williams is far more than simply a folk singer. His singer-songwriter style is circuitously culled from various influences, though he does not rely too heavily on any one technique. On some tracks, Williams and his studio compatriots form tightly knit harmonies reminiscent of Peter Paul & Mary. And yet on others, the vocal and backing arrangements resemble a Blood-On-The-Tracks-era Dylan. That aside, Chuck Williams is by no means a retro-act. The recordings are fresh sounding and uniquely his own. There seems to be a proud and strong tradition of folk music speaking truth to power. On the song "On The Line," Chuck Williams does just that, while broaching the topic of warfare, and more specifically the young fighting the wars of the old. This politically savy message has garnered recognition in that 'On the Line' has been ranked amongst the Top 10 Songs of the Times in 2007 on Neil Young's Website and receivred Honorable Mention in the PeaceDriven Music Awards.

1.1 Smart Too Late, Old Too Soon
1.2 Slow Dance
1.3 Heart Sing
1.4 On the Line
1.5 Johnny Colorado
1.6 Broken Wings
1.7 Marion County
1.8 Unknown Adventure
1.9 Longer I Live
1.10 You Gotta Call Now

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