Chuck's Junk

Chuck's Junk: Junk Food

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Artist: Chuck's Junk

Artist: Chuck's Junk
Title: Junk Food

The debut EP from Chuck's Junk. Originally an 8 piece funk-horn ensemble, this 4 song collection shows the roots of what was to emerge later. Considered a diamond in the rough, this EP clearly shows a great band ready to take it's stance in popular music. A multi-layered genre smashing debut that blurs the lines of funk, rock, jazz, R&B, soul, hip-hop and more. The title track 'Junk Food' is an energetic mismash of Tool and Public Enemy, while the rest of the disc shoots off in equally diverse directions. In spite of the myriad of musical styles they aim for,(sometimes multiple styles in a single track) they never actually miss their target. The sound of seasoned musicians finding their feet as a band. The arrangements are clever and dense, but there's an undeniable soul permeating each track. A neccessary prefix for a sound that was to evolve into the full-length 'Beauty of the Foolish' album 3 years later.

1.1 Junk Food
1.2 Naniyara
1.3 Confessions
1.4 Money Blue

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