Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

Chunk! No Captain Chunk!: Pardon My French

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
Title: Pardon My French

2013 sophomore album by French Pop Punk band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! The album was produced by Joey Sturgis, a well-known Metalcore producer, in Michigan. The band consists of lead vocalist Bertrand Poncet, drummer Jonathan Donnaes, bassist Mathias Rigal, and guitarists Paul Wilson and Éric Poncet.

1.1 Restart
1.2 Taking Chances
1.3 Bipolar Mind
1.4 Haters Gonna Hate
1.5 The Progression of Regression
1.6 Pardon My French
1.7 Between Your Lines
1.8 I Am Nothing Like You
1.9 Reasons to Turn Back
1.10 So Close and Yet So Far
1.11 Miles and Decibels
1.12 The Best Is Yet to Come

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