Cicada: Roulette

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Artist: Cicada

Artist: Cicada
Title: Roulette

The follow up to their self-titled debut album of 2006, Roulette effortlessly ranges in styles; from the best moments of vintage Electro-Pop on the euphoric lead single 'Metropolis', to the darkest recesses of electronic-indie on 'Executive', featuring Tom Smith of Editors on vocals. Throughout, Roulette is underpinned by consistently big and intelligent beats, washes of glorious synthesizers, and the haunting, hugely melodic vocals of Icelandic siren Heidrun Bjornsdottir.

1.1 Falling Rockets
1.2 Metropolis
1.3 One Beat Away
1.4 Talking
1.5 Mr P Star
1.6 Executive
1.7 Psycho Thrills
1.8 Love Don't Come Easy
1.9 Green Light
1.10 Tears
1.11 Don't Stare at the Sun
1.12 Tiad

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