Cicadas: Cicadas

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Artist: Cicadas

Artist: Cicadas
Title: Cicadas

Some varieties of cicada emerge from dormancy only once a decade or so, and that's how long it took this band to actually form, for singer/songwriter Rodney Crowell had actually been playing with Cicadas drummer Vince Santoro for 11 years before this release "emerged" in 1997! Other cicadas include Michael Rhodes and Steuart Smith; together they made one of the most satisfying country-rock records of the '90s, yours exclusively from Noble Rot!

1.1 When Losers Rule the World
1.2 Blonde Ambition
1.3 We Want Everything
1.4 Tobacco Road
1.5 Through with the Past
1.6 Nothing
1.7 Out Little Town
1.8 Wish You Were Her
1.9 Nobody's Gonna Tear My Playhouse Down
1.10 Still Learning How to Fly

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