Ciccone Youth

Ciccone Youth: Whitey Album

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Artist: Ciccone Youth

Artist: Ciccone Youth
Title: Whitey Album

Reissue of this 1988 side project from the members of Sonic Youth and some of their friends. In 1988, after hinting that a tribute to the Beatles' White Album was in the works, the band about-faced and delivered this brain-sick celebration of pop-culture, experimental rock, Neu! And the Material Girl in particular. The album features such favorites as 'MacBeth' (as well as a hidden bonus alternate mix of the track) and 'Into the Groovey,' and includes Mike Watt's 'Burnin' Up' featuring Greg Ginn.

1.1 Needle-Gun
1.2 (Silence)
1.3 G-Force
1.4 Platoon II
1.5 MacBeth
1.6 Me ; Jill/Hendrix Cosby
1.7 Burnin' Up [Demo Version]
1.8 Hi! Everybody
1.9 Children of Satan/Third Fig
1.10 Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu
1.11 Addicted to Love
1.12 Moby-Dik
1.13 Mark of the Ciccone Robots
1.14 Making the Nature Scene
1.15 Tuff Titty Rap
1.16 Into the Groovey
1.17 [Untitled]

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