Cici Porter

Cici Porter: Emergence

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Artist: Cici Porter

Artist: Cici Porter
Title: Emergence

'Cici Porter is a talented musician with a beautiful voice, a courageous woman, and a human being dedicated to ending the abuse of children. I recently had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Cici on the occasion of the release of her new album, Emergence, so I can tell you the only thing better than buying the album, is to hear her live. ' --Ellen Bass, co-author of 'The Courage to Heal' ' Music has the unique ability to awaken the part of the soul that has been buried so deep within (the survivor). Cici Porter's songs have been created by a survivor for a survivor for this very purpose, and therein lies their beauty.' --Heidi Sproull, MFCC 'With the voice of an angel singing about the depths of hell, Cici startles us with the beauty of her truth echoing the unfortunate stories of so many of America's children.' --Ellen Speert, A.T.R.- B.C. Art Therapist.

1.1 Power of the Sun
1.2 My Story
1.3 Don't Say a Word
1.4 The Well
1.5 Perfect Crime
1.6 Ode to Stephanie
1.7 Dreamfields
1.8 Two Taboos
1.9 Too Much
1.10 Song for Lisa
1.11 Secrets and Lies
1.12 Enter in to Healing
1.13 Opening Up
1.14 Warrior
1.15 Thank You Song

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