Cindy Grayson

Cindy Grayson: Classic Folk 1

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Artist: Cindy Grayson

Artist: Cindy Grayson
Title: Classic Folk 1

When I was growing up my father was in the service of Uncle Sam and after we moved back to the US, he would get 6 weeks paid vacation every summer. My father loved to drive and visit historical sights along the way (or hysterical sites) so while we drove, the family learned to sing all the songs that he grew up with - in five part harmony. This first collection of songs are some that I remember were favorites of his but there are many more so this won't be the only CD of folksongs I do. Because the songs are very old, I'm not sure of the original authors but the renditions are mine. I wasn't sure how my band members would respond to my wanting to do this CD for my Dad but we all found that we had a lot of fun doing it and I plan on doing another collection of Classic Folk CD in 2007. Songs are windows into pieces of our past that will remain when we have joined them in passing time and others will discover them again and again. Hopefully they will find as much enjoyment in hearing them and singing along as we did in playing them. Cindy Grayson.

1.1 Fox
1.2 Aunt Rhody
1.3 Drill, Ye Terriers, Drill
1.4 Marrow Bones
1.5 Soldier, Soldier
1.6 Down in the Valley
1.7 Streets of Larado
1.8 Careless Love
1.9 Drunken Sailor
1.10 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
1.11 Danny Boy
1.12 Riddle

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