Cindy Grayson

Cindy Grayson: Golddust

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cindy Grayson

Artist: Cindy Grayson
Title: Golddust

Enjoy the fresh sounds of original and non-original songs performed by a very unique group of musicians with a style so all their own that it will leave you smiling and humming all the way home with folk, folk rock, soft rock, love songs, Celtic and a little bit of country.

1.1 Gold Dust
1.2 A Mirror
1.3 Caught in the Crossfire
1.4 Runnin Away
1.5 Song for the Old Clown
1.6 Ready for the Answers
1.7 Paper Napkin Lullaby
1.8 Lost in All the Wonder
1.9 Summer Bird
1.10 Innocence of Flight
1.11 Thunder Song
1.12 Penny in a Stream

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