Cindy Kallet

Cindy Kallet: Leave the Cake in the Mailbox

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Artist: Cindy Kallet

Artist: Cindy Kallet
Title: Leave the Cake in the Mailbox

And then there's the other Cindy Kallet-Mama Cindy-sharing her wisdom and humor about children and their parents, mothering and growing up. Highly recommended for young parents, old parents, anyone who knows or has ever been a kid. It begins with a recording of Cindy singing, uh, forty years ago? and ends with her two sons singing 'Turn the Glasses Over' and 'Whup Jamboree.' This album won a Parents' Choice Gold Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation in 2004.

1.1 We Sail the Ocean Blue (Last Chorus)
1.2 The Royal Bloke
1.3 Handy's Birthday
1.4 Old King Cole
1.5 I'm a Mammal
1.6 My Mama Said
1.7 I Got a Hat
1.8 Froggy Went a Courtin'
1.9 Before I Was Two
1.10 I Dread Not
1.11 Izzy's Toes
1.12 No/Don't Wake Up
1.13 Diapers By Heart
1.14 Blessings
1.15 Hoosen Johnny
1.16 Woody Knows Nothing
1.17 Turn the Glasses Over/Whup Jamboree

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