Circe Link

Circe Link: Moody Girl

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Artist: Circe Link

Artist: Circe Link
Title: Moody Girl

After four charming CD's, worldwide record sales, and a successful tour in Japan, it's obvious this gal is cooking with the right stuff. Circe Link's music creates a tasty blend of nostalgic Country, steamy Jazz, and weeping Blues. Circe held the #1 spot in Jazz on for over two years, has been an LA Weekly Pick of the Week, and an Amoeba Records 'Home Grown Artist'. She was selected by Clear Channel for a featured national radio promotion called "Emerging Artists", and has charted on the internet music service right next to Alison Krauss and Madeline Peyroux. This girl is serving up the best independent music has to offer with a sound discriminating ears were waiting for.

1.1 Lost and Sinking
1.2 Take a Bite
1.3 Falling on Knives
1.4 Waiting to Shine
1.5 Breaking Bones
1.6 Moody Girl
1.7 The Crime
1.8 Sugar Mine
1.9 Muscle of Love
1.10 City Blues
1.11 Little Pearl
1.12 Hell of a Good Man
1.13 Shouldn't Be the Same
1.14 [Untitled Track]
1.15 [Untitled Track]
1.16 [Untitled Track]
1.17 [Untitled Track]
1.18 [Untitled Track]
1.19 [Untitled Track]
1.20 [Untitled Track]
1.21 [Untitled Track]
1.22 [Untitled Track]
1.23 [Untitled Track]
1.24 [Untitled Track]
1.25 [Untitled Track]
1.26 [Untitled Track]
1.27 [Untitled Track]
1.28 [Untitled Track]
1.29 [Untitled Track]
1.30 [Untitled Track]
1.31 [Untitled Track]
1.32 [Untitled Track]
1.33 [Untitled Track]
1.34 [Untitled Track]
1.35 [Untitled Track]
1.36 [Untitled Track]
1.37 [Untitled Track]
1.38 [Untitled Track]
1.39 [Untitled Track]
1.40 [Untitled Track]
1.41 [Untitled Track]
1.42 [Untitled Track]
1.43 [Untitled Track]
1.44 [Untitled Track]
1.45 [Untitled Track]
1.46 [Untitled Track]
1.47 [Untitled Track]
1.48 [Untitled Track]
1.49 [Untitled Track]
1.50 [Untitled Track]
1.51 [Untitled Track]
1.52 [Untitled Track]
1.53 [Untitled Track]
1.54 [Untitled Track]
1.55 [Untitled Track]
1.56 [Untitled Track]
1.57 [Untitled Track]
1.58 [Untitled Track]
1.59 [Untitled Track]
1.60 [Untitled Track]
1.61 [Untitled Track]
1.62 [Untitled Track]
1.63 [Untitled Track]
1.64 [Untitled Track]
1.65 [Untitled Track]
1.66 [Untitled Track]
1.67 [Untitled Track]
1.68 [Untitled Track]
1.69 [Untitled Track]

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