Cire Mayo

Cire Mayo: Succession

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Artist: Cire Mayo

Artist: Cire Mayo
Title: Succession

Through true life we laugh, hurt, learn, grow, and change. This combination has inspired the musical journey of "Cire Mayo", a.k.a. Eric Mayo. Born in Queens, New York and raised in Southern California, his life has had it's ups and downs. This has contributed to the truth, emotion, and power in his music. Growing up he learned to read music, play the saxophone, and understand music structure while privately releasing emotions through poetry. Combining these art forms, he transferred his knowledge into work with his first crew, the Shadow Hunters. During that time, he performed at many churches, youth events, and open mics which sharpened his stage presence and production skills. He now embarks on his solo career ready to bring his life experience, truth, emotion, and fun to music.

1.1 Laundry Room (Skit)
1.2 Survive
1.3 You Keep Tellin' Me
1.4 Tired
1.5 Nonsense (Skit)
1.6 Got Soul?
1.7 Fabricated
1.8 Hook
1.9 Wake Up
1.10 Struggle
1.11 Hands Up
1.12 Another Day
1.13 Thank You
1.14 Lookin' Back [Snippet] [Excerpt]

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