Citrus Burn

Citrus Burn: And Now Ladies & Gentlemen a Demonstration

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Artist: Citrus Burn

Artist: Citrus Burn
Title: And Now Ladies & Gentlemen a Demonstration

Genre-bending electro-rock duo comprised of singer Adriana Devai and composer/producer Malachi, with the goal of creating music beyond the limitations of their prior endeavors by combining the favored elements of all their interests, taking influence from artists such as The Gathering and fellow Canadians The Tea Party and Metric. The result is a blend of rock, various electronic styles such as drum and bass and glitch, jazz, ambient textures and world elements fashioned into a cohesive whole carefully avoiding the "mix tape" feel often created by multi-genre music.

1.1 Inside Me
1.2 Contemptuous
1.3 Just a Dream
1.4 Your Fish Is the Sea (Live)
1.5 Contemptuous (Live)

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