City on a Hill

City on a Hill: Covered

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Artist: City on a Hill

Artist: City on a Hill
Title: Covered

Musicians: David Martel: Vocals, Acoustic and electric guitars, stomping, percussion, synth yup Elise Lenssen: vocals Zach Tay: electric guitar, bass David Chiswell: drums Leigh Maizels: organ, piano, synth yup Dave Wilson: synth yup Dom Macaluso: bass Pete Newmarch: bass Wesley Chia: organs Emilio Aguero: electric guitars Denise Trimm: backup vocals Ai Mawdsley: backup vocals Timothy Wilson: trumpet Clappers: Dom Macaluso, Wesley Chia, David Martel, Guy Mason Stompers: Wesley Chia, Dom Macaluso, David Martel Group vocals: Alice Arnott, Regina Tan, Melinda Cheung, Theresa Haddon, Ai Mawdsley String players: Nothing but the blood, Mighty Fortress Violin: Sarah Curro Cello: Benjamin Hooper Praise to the Lord Violins: Felicite Heine, Bonnie Brown Cello: Joshua Dema String Arrangements; Zach Tay, David Martel, Wesley Chia Strings Conductor: Zach Tay Engineered & Recorded by: Lukas Glickman @ Easey Like a Sunday Morning Studios Mixed by: Brian Eichelberger Mastered by: Ed Brooks Produced by: David Martel Additional Engineering by: David Jalbert.

1.1 Mighty Fortress
1.2 Grace Alone
1.3 Nothing But the Blood
1.4 How Deep
1.5 Praise to the Lord

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