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City Paranoid: Closedown

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Artist: City Paranoid

Artist: City Paranoid
Title: Closedown

Closedown is the latest recorded output from Crispin Lee under his City Paranoid moniker. Assembled several years ago and originally intended for release in late 2010, Crispin has indicated that this eleven-track, 26-minute collection will be the final chapter in his set of solo recordings under the City Paranoid name. In the immediate future he is preparing once again to concentrate on the collaborative Paranoid Foundation project. Closedown is a lo-fi, fictional chronicle of breakdown and redemption divided into eleven short tracks, set to a grittily ethereal palette of effected field recordings, acoustic and electronic sound sources. An uncompromising and challenging listen, Closedown is complimented perfectly by the abstract cover imagery provided by resident Paranoid Foundation artist, Tetsu Okada. Closedown will appeal to the growing number of Paranoid aficionados entranced by the cryptic soundworlds created by this unique and enigmatic talent, while wondering where he could possibly take them next... Vital Weekly Review: Closedown is the latest CD from Crispin Lee under the name City Paranoid and is a follow-up of of Dream's Edge (2004) and A Means to No End ( 2008). Closedown will be the final chapter of his set of solo recordings under the name City Paranoid. The album is very intense and built up of 11 tracks in a period of 26 minutes. The tracks are created by highly manipulated field-recordings, and acoustic and electronic sound sources. His voice tells a story, but I cannot follow it, because of my lack the English language, but also because of the way the voice is mixed in drony, noisy sound layers. But maybe this is also the meaning of these short stories with titles like Hitched, Now Understood, Terminal Nation, At Peace with Nothing and Silent Running. That we will never know what the thoughts are of this man who is living in a city which fears him a lot by all the dangerous moments, vehicles and people. Cause if we really know what in his mind than we can track and expose him. City Paranoid is a short well-composed piece of dark music with a unique personal touch. (JKH)

1.1 Hitched
1.2 Now Understood
1.3 Terminal Nation
1.4 The Wrong Woman
1.5 Final Rites
1.6 Too Much Harm
1.7 Broken Up
1.8 At Peace with Nothing
1.9 Silent Running
1.10 Perhaps Today
1.11 When We Wake

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