Clancy Brothers / Makem, Tommy

Clancy Brothers / Makem, Tommy: In Person At Carnegie Hall / Recorded Live In Ireland / In Concert /Freedom's Sons

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Artist: Clancy Brothers / Makem, Tommy
Title: In Person At Carnegie Hall / Recorded Live In Ireland / In Concert /Freedom's Sons

Two CD set containing four original Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem albums from 1963 to 1967. This wonderful collection contains some of their best performances - The Clancys were at their best in concert and you can enjoy their witty introductions as well as their songs. No doubt about it - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem wanted audiences to have a good time. Their big break came on Sunday, 12th March 1961 when they were booked to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show that had over 50 million viewers. Liam Clancy said, "It not only changed our lives but it changed the lives of the people who made sweaters, as the sale of Arran sweaters jumped by 700% in a month". The Carnegie Hall concert included Dominic Behan's comments on the troubles 'The Patriot Game', which inspired Bob Dylan to write 'With God On Our Side'. The Live Concert in Ireland includes a tribute to Dominic's brother Brendan Behan. "I knew him sober and I knew him drunk" said Liam Clancy and his wife said "Oh, you know both of them". In this collection there are many rebel songs, sometimes light-hearted, as they joke about the statue of Lord Nelson being blown up in Dublin in 1966. You will also hear The Clancys remembering the uprising of 1916 with words from Irish writers W. B. Yeats and Sean O'Casey.

1.1 Johnson's Motor Car
1.2 The Juice of the Barley
1.3 O'Driscoll (The Host of the Air)
1.4 Reilly's Daughter
1.5 The Patriot Game
1.6 Legion of the Rearguard
1.7 Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
1.8 A Jug of Punch
1.9 Galway Bay
1.10 Children's Medley
1.11 The Parting Glass
1.12 Wild Rover
1.13 Maid of Fife
1.14 Butcher Boy
1.15 Wella Wallia
1.16 Lament for Brendan Behan
1.17 New Finnegan's Wake
1.18 Beggar Man
1.19 Ar Fol Lol la Lo
1.20 Rocks of Bawn
1.21 Nightingale
1.22 The Curlew's Song
1.23 They're Moving Father's Grave to Build a Sewer
2.1 Blackwater's Side
2.2 MacAlpine's Fuziliers
2.3 Winds of Morning
2.4 Cockies of Bungaree
2.5 William Bloat
2.6 Red-Haired Mary
2.7 Master McGrath
2.8 Mick McGuire
2.9 Peggy Gordon
2.10 In This Windy Old Weather
2.11 March Medley: Boys from the County Cork / Let Erin Remember
2.12 Outlawed Raparee
2.13 Port Lairge
2.14 I'm a Free-Born Man
2.15 Hi for the Beggar Man
2.16 When We Were Under the King
2.17 Freedom's Sons
2.18 Green in the Green
2.19 A Medley Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Uprising of 1916: Foggy Dew / from Sean O'Casey's "Drums Under the Window" / from W.B. Yeats' "Easter 1916"
2.20 Lord Nelson

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