Clare Free

Clare Free: Be Who You Are

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Artist: Clare Free

Artist: Clare Free
Title: Be Who You Are

This album is Clare Free's debut album. Blending rock and pop with her blues background Clare Free has a unique, distinct style. Reviewers ( said "Blues is very much what is on order from what we've heard, with a dash of country influence that pierces through with some southern vocal lilts. ..the track [Let Me Down Easy] has a bit of a kickstart to it and a a bit of a Texas vibe (as in the Glasgow rockers, not necessarily just the state), a hard poppy sound to it gives a promising slant of breathing some modern energy into the country/blues genre..... it's not just a couple of southern influenced songs, there's some clever blues guitar licks whipping around in there and the tracks are poles apart with some laid back rhythms and some sharp funk. And if that's just the teaser, the full album should be something to look forward too." Clare Free is a guitarist, singer and songwriter. She took up piano when she was 12 and wrote her first song within one year. Her piano teacher did not approve of Clare's tendency to re-write classical pieces and improvise music in the style of some of the best known classics but despite her tutor's lack of enthusiasm she wrote and improvised music at every opportunity. As a teenager she played a variety of instruments including flute, saxophone and piano until she took up guitar when she was 17. Clare's first guitar, which cost just £25 and was falling apart, opened a great many more song writing doors than piano. Now Clare could write songs that sounded like the rock music that she was such an avid fan of. Clare started to play in college bands, none of which were very good but they offered experience that was to be useful a few years down the road. Soon Clare began going to blues jams and rapidly became a very good blues player. Within two years she had become a regular at some of the best blues jams in the country and had formed a blues band called Misdemeanor (Clare played alongside Matt Schofield, and Spikedrivers band members Constance Redgrave and Maurice McElroy in this band.) The band saw some success and Clare was invited to do a number of radio and magazine interviews. Misdemeanor split in 1999 when Clare was offered a recording contract for her own work which she later declined. By this time Clare was living with Dino Baptiste who played keyboards with Dana Gillespie. Dana invited Clare to join her on a 10 date tour of Mumbi in India- Clare would never say she was asked to play in Dana's band but she has played with her several times. Later Clare went with Dana to play for three weeks at the Mustique Blues Festival in the Carribean. In this playground for the rich and famous, Clare had the opportunity to jam with the world famous violin player Nigel Kennedy and Rolf Harris. Both in India, and in the Caribbean, some of the shows were broadcast live on television. She also was invited to join Larry Garner on the main stage at the Lugano Blues Festival in Switzerland in front of around 7,000 people. All the while Clare was writing and recording her own blues and rock material and gigging with her own band. In 2001 Clare joined a 9 piece soul band called 99lbs which was a tribute to the music of Anne Peebles. Clare played with this band until 2004. Clare's passion for singing and song writing has led her in recent years to write two full albums of music for children. She was forced to take a couple of years off from live playing due to illness but is now fully recovered and more determined than ever to make great music. During her time off, Clare went back to her own writing roots and writing songs that were draw not just on blues but also on a wide range of rock, folk and country influences. The result is the stunning debut album Be Who You Are.

1.1 Let Me Down Easy
1.2 I Won't Lie
1.3 Fool to Pride
1.4 My Everything
1.5 Is This Love I Feel?
1.6 We Were Seventeen
1.7 She's An Evil Woman
1.8 Please Don't Say You Love Me
1.9 Whenever You Need Me
1.10 Time of Our Lives

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