Clarence Brown

Clarence Brown: Atomic Energy

$17.18 $19.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Clarence Brown

Title: Atomic Energy
Label: Blues Boy
Product Type: VINYL LP

1947-59 recordings from the blues multi-instrumentalist. (Previously deleted:3/1/05. Original release date:5/14/92) Housed in the original inner sleeve only, does not come with original album cover.

1.1 Guitar in My Hand
1.2 Without Me, Baby
1.3 Atomic Energy
1.4 My Time Is Expensive
1.5 Mary Is Fine
1.6 Two O'Clock in the Morning
1.7 Boogie Rambler
1.8 September Song
1.9 I Live My Life
1.10 Taking My Chances
1.11 Too Late Baby
1.12 Pale Dry Boogie, Part 1 and 2
1.13 Gate Walks to Board
1.14 Please Tell Me Baby
1.15 Gate's Tune

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