Claudia Schmidt

Claudia Schmidt: Promising Sky

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Claudia Schmidt

Title: Promising Sky
Label: CD Baby

This is Claudia's 15th release, and reaches new levels of artistry in her evolution as both composer and performer. She has put together a wonderful quartet that can follow her through her musical meanderings, be they jazzy or folky or rootsy. .it's all there. Always someone who has eschewed categories, she is at her best in this assemblage of songs and musicians. Twelve of the thirteen songs are originals, and the standard she has chosen, 'We'll Be Together Again' is a seldom sung favorite of hers. The self-described 'creative noisemaker' leads her Funtet through many emotions: wistful ('Can't Get Yourself Out of Love'); steamy ('Sea of Love'); levity:('Missy Maam', 'I Don't Know';introspective ('If All Goes Well') and exuberant ('Promising Sky', the title song). It's all done with the joy and mastery that has been her trademark for almost four decades.

1.1 Can't Get Yourself Out of Love
1.2 Missy Ma'am
1.3 What Luck's Been Up to
1.4 Ubumama
1.5 I Don't Know
1.6 Meelie's Waltz
1.7 Wisconsin Country
1.8 Sea of Love
1.9 If All Goes Well
1.10 Tree of Dreams
1.11 Promising Sky
1.12 Make Peace
1.13 We'll Be Together Again

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