Claudia Schwab: Amber Sands

Claudia Schwab: Amber Sands
Title: Amber Sands
Label: CD Baby

Claudia Schwab is an originally Austrian fiddle player and composer, who lives and works in Ireland. As a musician of the world, in her music she amalgamates different traditions and styles such as traditional Austrian, Irish, Classical Indian, Swedish and Eastern European folk. Her musical journeys brought her to Egypt, California, Italy, Slovenia, India, New York, Moldavia, Transnistria, Sweden, Germany and Hungary, as part of orchestras and bands as well as touring her solo project. Since having completed her BA in music and psychology in 2012 and an MA in ethnomusicology at UCC in 2013, she works as a freelance musician. Current projects include collaborations with Austrian string-trio Netnakisum (AUT), Irish Indie band Tucan and Their Brass String Ensemble (IRE), German Jazz legend Matthias Schriefl, the Cork Gamelan orchestra (IRE) and Kate Young (SCT/AUT: Kate and the Austrian). Claudia's debut album ´Amber Sands´ is a compilation of music that unites the sounds of her native home-place of Austria with her adopted home of Ireland, as well as various other music traditions with which she feels at home. A unique and atmospheric blend of Irish, Indian, Swedish and Eastern European music styles overlaid with her native Austrian yodelling, Schwab´s music reflects her passion for people, place, and their associated music. All music on the album is composed and arranged by Claudia Schwab, except for '3er Jodler' (Austrian trad.), 'Swedish Harmony' (Swedish trad.), 'Larry Redican's reel (Irish trad.) and the remix of Jodlfunk (by Jeff Weeter). Track 6 ('Sunday at Home') includes two manipulated samples by Vasen ('Nitti Pomfritti') and Broadlahn, with kind permission of Roger Tallroth and Ernst Huber. Musicians on the album: Claudia Schwab (fiddles/vocals/harmonium/heartbeat/claps/chimes/bike breaks etc.) Marti Tärn (electric bass/claps) Éamonn Cagney (djembe/snare/congas/cymbals/wooden blocks/shaker/whistle/claps) Seamie O'Dowd (guitars on track 1, 3, 5, 8, fiddle on track 10) Seanan Brennan (bouzouki/ guitar on track 9) Catherine Jordan (bodhrán/ vocals on track 4/ gate and footsteps track 6) Brian McDonagh (mandola on track 1, 5, organ on track 8) Ciro Montanari (tabla on track 8) Rick Epping (harp on track 5) Rodney Lancashire (concertina on track 5) Dee Armstrong (fiddle on track 10) Linde DeeLinde & Resi Haertel (vocals on track 2) Jeffrey Weeter (Remix of Jodlfunk)

1.1 Jodlfunk- Da Alma Zua
1.2 3Er Jodler
1.3 Like Lisa
1.4 As She Went Down to the River
1.5 Tune from the Base / the Curious Sheep of San Lorenzo / Larry Redican's
1.6 Sunday at Home
1.7 Alap to Austrindia
1.8 Austrindia / Swedish Harmony
1.9 Currybbean
1.10 Little Fiddle Trio
1.11 Jodlfunk (Remix)

Claudia Schwab: Amber Sands

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