Claudy Drapeau

Claudy Drapeau: Christmas Sacred Arias

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Claudy Drapeau

Title: Christmas Sacred Arias
Label: CD Baby

The last is rich in sacred arias and these pieces raise us to a new level of spirituality. Even if the selection is not exclusively baroque it is made up of arias that are well enough known to be considered classics. They can thus inspire a wide variety of listeners and not just hard-core music aficionados. Nonetheless these pieces will be played in the spirit of baroque music in complete simplicity and sobriety-fundamental values of Christmas.

1.1 Exsultate Jubilate (Mozart w. A.)
1.2 Alleluia (Mozart w. A.)
1.3 Gesu Bambino (Yon P. A.)
1.4 Der Engel Zu Dem Hirten... from ?Christmas Story? (SHÜTZ H.)
1.5 Magnificat - Et Exultavit (Vivaldi a.-Magnificat)
1.6 Quia Respexit (Vivaldi a.-Magnificat)
1.7 Quia Fecit (Vivaldi a.-Magnificat)
1.8 Ave Maria (Schubert F.)
1.9 Rejoice, from ?The Messiah? (Haendel G. F.)
1.10 FLÖSST Mein Heiland, FLÖSST Dein Namen from ?Christmas Oratorio? (Bach J.S.))
1.11 Le Noël Des Enfants Qui N'ont Plus de Maison (Debussy C.)
1.12 So Shall the Luth and Harp Awake, from «Judas MacCabeus» (Haendel G. F.)
1.13 Pie Jesu (Fauré G.)
1.14 Let the Bright Seraphin, from «Samson» (Haendel G. F.)
1.15 Wiegenlied (Brahms J.)
1.16 Ave Maria (Gounod C.)

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