Claw Boys Claw

Claw Boys Claw: Angelbite

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Claw Boys Claw

Artist: Claw Boys Claw
Title: Angelbite
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm black and red colored vinyl LP pressing. Angelbite is the fifth studio album by Dutch rock and roll band Claw Boys Claw. The band attempted a more accessible sound on Angelbite. The album points to the later 'swamp rock' sound the band would adopt. Rumors of a cooperation with John Cale, who the band met in New York in 1988, had persisted, but Angelbite is produced by Steve Parker (who had worked with British band The Fall and Dutch singer Mathilde Santing), and recorded at ICP studios in Brussels.

1.1 Superkid
1.2 Maniac
1.3 Troglodyte
1.4 Ellah
1.5 Devol
1.6 Roll on
1.7 Wild Voo Doo
1.8 Bite the Dice
1.9 Down in the Bubble
1.10 Hunger Love
1.11 Maximum Overdrive
1.12 So Hot
1.13 Spoons on Fire
1.14 Judy

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