Cleaners From Venus

Cleaners From Venus: On Any Normal Monday

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Cleaners From Venus
Title: On Any Normal Monday
Product Type: VINYL LP

RSD. This jangle-pop classic album has been completely remastered and offered on vinyl for the first time. Keeping with the intimate feeling of the original cassette-only release, the little foibles that made the Cleaners' sounds unique have been left, but at the same time, making the listening experience more audible.

1.1 Night Starvation
1.2 Tukani (Monday Is Grey)
1.3 A Girl with Cars in Her Eyes
1.4 I Can't Stop Holding on
1.5 Living on Nerve Ends
1.6 I Wanna Do That
1.7 European War
1.8 Hungry Day
1.9 F.U.N
1.10 Be An Idiot Popstar
1.11 Marilyn on a Train (1982)

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