Cleveland Miles

Cleveland Miles: Youre in My Seat

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cleveland Miles

Artist: Cleveland Miles
Title: Youre in My Seat

Cleveland Miles has set the tone of a new time in music. Story telling laced with soulful vocals. This is the first record realeased from the Milwaukee native who lives in FL and TN and is set to make a mark. These beat driven tunes are refreshing in a time of entertainers and over production. It started as a recording project with full time jazz students returning home from their schools for winter break. 'You're in my seat' Is the result of singer/songwriter Cleveland Miles taking his songs to some old friends and letting artists be artists. A sound was created often hard to place . By the end of the album it's clear who Cleveland sounds like; everyone he's ever listened to and most importantly himself.

1.1 Brew City Joint
1.2 Goodbye
1.3 What's in a Song
1.4 Belmont
1.5 Partysong (Intro)
1.6 Party Song
1.7 Bedroom Song
1.8 Man at Home
1.9 Brew City Joint (Live)
1.10 Momma's Ironin
1.11 Catfish and Lemonades
1.12 Hold It Down
1.13 What's in a Song (Live)

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