Clifford Borg

Clifford Borg: Origin

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Artist: Clifford Borg

Artist: Clifford Borg
Title: Origin

Joseph Camilleri: Music Critic, Times of Malta. Clifford Borg's piano miniatures, with their attractive blend of traditional "classical techniques and jazz/pop sensibilities are the basis of his work. It is true that the style of these pieces owes much to the music of such well-known crossover artists such as Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen and Michael Nyman. But this was no mere marketing strategy, some calculated attempt to win over fans from different musical fields. On the contrary, what is striking in this music is it's honesty. Having tasted different, contrasting types of music, Clifford Borg has managed to weld these experiences in a style which is varied in it's points of reference but which is at the same time simple, tuneful and entertaining. The proof of these contrasting styles originates from the melancholic Emergence, the unexpected rhythms of Afrindian Summer, the lyrical melodious and predominantly laid back Dasvedania and Beauty, the soaring melody of Biography from a Window sill and the Nyman-esque touch of Complete. Hopefully, he will build on what he has achieved so far and have the courage to experiment further.

1.1 Emergence
1.2 Afrindian Summer
1.3 Simplicity
1.4 All in Black and White
1.5 Biography from a Window-Sill
1.6 Orange Forever
1.7 Dasvedania
1.8 Expectations
1.9 Worth Waiting ?
1.10 Beauty
1.11 Who Is Mr Swing ?
1.12 Secret Energy
1.13 Ellen's Colours
1.14 Un-Leaving
1.15 Complete
1.16 Closed Chapter

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