Cline David Neil Band

Cline David Neil Band: Flying in a Cloud of Controvercy

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Artist: Cline David Neil Band
Title: Flying in a Cloud of Controvercy

Detroit's Heavy Rocker David Neil Cline's 5'th solo album. Heavy guitars, Hammond organ and catchy vocal melodies about government conspiracies, Road Rage, overpopulation and inconsiderate people in general... This album is a must have for the hard working American that is sick of getting the shaft and dealing with day to day bullshit. Album also contains 5 instrumentals ranging from hard rock to blues and acoustic.

1.1 Going Postal
1.2 Conspiracy
1.3 False Judgment
1.4 Road Rage
1.5 Tamale Fever
1.6 Aggravated
1.7 Fuck the Jones's
1.8 Alien Fetus
1.9 Planet Damnation
1.10 DJ's Song
1.11 The Band Wagon
1.12 Dodging the Stork
1.13 Virus
1.14 Slap Happy

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