Cloakroom: Time Well

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Artist: Cloakroom

Artist: Cloakroom
Title: Time Well
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Grandiose and deeply insular, Cloakroom's second album and Relapse Records debut is a work that transcends simple genre descriptors as the trio prove dually capable of conjuring lumbering walls of sound as well as forlorn Americana. Cloakroom occupies a compelling space between worlds on Time Well crafting it's unique brand of thoughtfully heavy music, something Relapse has long specialized in. For the new album, the trio (consisting of vocalist-guitarist Doyle Martin, bassist Robert Markos, and drummer Brian Busch) opted to explore their shared creative space by building their own studio, transforming their practice space into a sonic laboratory in which they could immerse themselves in every aspect of the creative process. Once the studio had completed it's transition it became a workspace that was essential to the creation of Time Well, sheltering the band from the outside world as they immersed themselves in the songs and pushed sounds to their furthest limits. With Time Well, Cloakroom shows itself untethered from the present moment. It's a record that's flanked by contradictory ideas that are always running parallel; growth begets destruction begets death. It's an unending cycle, and Time Well is the soundtrack to that unending, awe-inspiring momentum.

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