Clone Farm Carnival

Clone Farm Carnival: Clone Farm Carnival

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Clone Farm Carnival
Title: Clone Farm Carnival

Ronald Tucker has been a key founding member of many bands, both as a musician and as a songwriter. He has been involved in the recording of six CDs with these bands which include Bullwinkel Gandhi, Stratocruiser, Poppy Nosh and Wonderwall. Ronald most recently performed and recorded with Wonderwall. Inbetween bands Ronald recorded his own CD entitled Clone Farm Carnival. This first solo release is already making ripples in the new technodelic/pop world. Anyone who enjoys thoughtful and clever music indeed owes it to themselves to experience the music of Ronald Tucker and Clone Farm Carnival.

1.1 Clone Farm
1.2 Turn the Knob
1.3 Mr. Splitting Nails
1.4 L'il Buzzkeeper
1.5 Good Time Spent
1.6 Q-Tip Islands
1.7 My Dizzy Dreamer
1.8 Inside Out
1.9 Bongo, Bongo
1.10 All of My Colours
1.11 Corndog Tree
1.12 Wildflowers Never Last
1.13 Side Show
1.14 Dirty Rag
1.15 Cherry Popart

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