Clouded Son

Clouded Son: Unfinished Business

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Artist: Clouded Son

Artist: Clouded Son
Title: Unfinished Business

Formed in a bedroom in Memphis, TN, Clouded Son is the alter ego of mild-mannered Robert Jones. Robert's been in some bands that you've never heard of, and has been writing and recording music for around 12 years now. After a move to the Little Rock metro in 2000, Robert lost his way for a while. But that's the past. Due to a compulsive fear of people, the telephone, rejection, and the La Quinta Inn sign, AND an obsession with his 4-track recorder (and ProTools), Robert has never been able to keep a band together for very long. He figures 'Clouded Son' sounds a whole lot cooler than 'Robert Jones,' and it leaves room to eventually create the band of his dreams without having to have a 'Robert and the ___' kind of situation. Although Robert & The Flux Capacitors is a pretty damn good band name. Clouded Son is releasing Unfinished Business, his first album that's not a crappy CD-R thing. You should listen to it. Comparisons to Eels, Lou Barlow, and John Lennon all have valid points to them.

1.1 The Last Word
1.2 And the Stereo Says
1.3 My Private Ocean
1.4 Ticket to Ride
1.5 Black Letter
1.6 No Water
1.7 Unfinished Business
1.8 Nothing's Good Enough
1.9 Apologies
1.10 Never Will

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