Clutch Grabwell

Clutch Grabwell: How Ya Gonna Be

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Clutch Grabwell

Title: How Ya Gonna Be
Label: CD Baby

Described as a horn-driven rock band, Clutch Grabwell's sound is familiar, yet totally original. Their latest release, 'how ya gonna be', is 12 powerful tracks that will define the future of rock. Combining blazing guitar, solid bass and drums, strong vocals and powerful horns, Clutch Grabwell has created a sound and intensity unlike anything else. From the staccato rhythms of 'If I', to the soulful chorus of 'Second Thoughts', to the stomping crush of 'Rising Son', Clutch Grabwell will knock you down, pick you up and leave you begging for more. Clutch Grabwell's music is featured on radio, TV and in film including: - ESPN Extreme Games international broadcast - NESN Documentary on Boston Bruin Cam Neely - Boston Pictures Release 'Last Night at Eddie's' - Regional radio and cable TV airplay.

1.1 Lazy Eye
1.2 If I
1.3 Root
1.4 Whatever
1.5 Sleep
1.6 Second Thoughts
1.7 What About You
1.8 Rising Son
1.9 River
1.10 Talkin' to Myself
1.11 Medicine Man
1.12 Slow Train

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