Clutterbillies: Livin' Life

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Artist: Clutterbillies

Artist: Clutterbillies
Title: Livin' Life

Clutterbillies is a band consisting of 5 boys from Arendal. Musically the band is a true country rock band, but also flirts with the pop and rock genre. Clutterbillies has a playful style of play and a musical expression that makes country music very exciting for those who do not have a close relationship with this genre. In addition to excellent instrumental skills, the band has also been noted for their vocal performances. The members' musical backgrounds have a wide range in which pop, rock, country and jazz is the foundation for the sound of the band. They get a lot of inspiration from the modern country music and is heavily inspired by artists like Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. Clutterbillies musical uniqueness lies in the use of steel guitar and banjo to bring out a country-sound regardless of the genre of music, strong vocals of the band's vocalist, additional backing vocals and of course the fact that the band consists of talented musicians. We can say that the banjo / steel guitar player and lead vocalist makes country music alibi, while the rest of the band do what they want ... We also have a theory that anyone can like country. It is just about the way it is played.

1.1 Livin' Life
1.2 Comming Home
1.3 Hold on
1.4 You and Me
1.5 I'll Be Back
1.6 Partytime
1.7 Moments
1.8 A Cowboy
1.9 Tuck Her in
1.10 One Step Ahead

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