Coax: Quiet Penumbra

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Coax

Title: Quiet Penumbra
Label: CD Baby

Coax presents his third album 'The Quiet Penumbra', a more quiet affair than The Third Mobius. Starting off with 12 orchestral compositions, and then ends with a few cinematic ambient ones. It's a bit different than his usual IDM style.

1.1 The Long Path
1.2 Starfire
1.3 Dark Past
1.4 The Beast Main
1.5 She Leaves
1.6 Treasure Hunt
1.7 The Garden
1.8 Exploring the Unknown
1.9 Emptiness Within
1.10 Poesy
1.11 Christmas Waltz
1.12 Lost in the Haze
1.13 An Amethysts Glow
1.14 Theme
1.15 Mulholland Road
1.16 Little Chiba
1.17 Aura Reading
1.18 The Road
1.19 Ghost in the Shell
1.20 Artemis and the Sky
1.21 Nostalgic Moment
1.22 Heart of the Forest
1.23 Orions Belt

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