Cocaine Wolves: Royal Feast

Cocaine Wolves: Royal Feast
Title: Royal Feast
Label: CD Baby

The Cocaine Wolves have come to tear the roof off and blow your house down, ready to lead the charge in the new wave of American hard rock music. Combining heavy-handed riffs, harmonic guitar leads, and infectious melodies, the Wolves will leave the uninitiated as rabid fans. In an era where most 'rock' is full of ironic posturing, hair flippin' Hot Topic brats, or stuck in the yarl'n'downtune camp of the NickelDoorGraceMaryThree, the Cocaine Wolves are fully prepared to reinvigorate a tired, post-worthless landscape with some old ideas that sound newer than ever. The hard jams shall be kicked, the scent of blood shall be tracked, and the kill shall be taken. Forget what ya heard, the Cocaine Wolves will never front and cannot be faded! ROYAL FEAST is the first serving of hard jams laid to wax and disc by the Cocaine Wolves. The record kicks off with a call to arms to 'heed no rules, live right and live tight.' From there you travel through scenes from the post-industrial Midwest where church camps lapse into dens of sin, spending a week's paycheck at a strip club is a ritual, and BBQ cooks can double as ladies' men. In between the Wolves drive their point home with dueling harmonic leads, huge drums, bass that goes from driving to melodic on a dime, and a sonic footprint created by the vintage sounds of rock when vinyl ruled the day.

1.1 Live Right, Live Tight
1.2 Snatching Death (From the Jaws of Life)
1.3 Ladies' Night
1.4 Station Fades Away
1.5 Showstopper
1.6 Balls City
1.7 Dingeaux's Montreux
1.8 Wednesday Night Fever
1.9 The Ballad of Tough Shit Wilson

Cocaine Wolves: Royal Feast

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