Coco Hames

Coco Hames: Coco Hames

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Artist: Coco Hames

Artist: Coco Hames
Title: Coco Hames

There's an old saying about how "you have your whole life to write your first record." For Coco Hames, the songs on her stunning self-titled debut poured from her pen over a sustained burst of inspiration... but they took more than a decade to live out. A deeply personal record filled with poignant ruminations on love lost and found, dreams dashed then rediscovered, these ten songs manage to pinpoint exquisite light amid life's darkness.

1.1 When You Said Goodbye
1.2 I Do Love You
1.3 I Don't Wanna Go
1.4 Long Time Coming
1.5 Tennessee Hollow
1.6 If You Ain't Mine
1.7 You're Calling Me
1.8 Tiny Pieces
1.9 This House Ain't a Home
1.10 Dead River

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