Coco Steel & Lovebomb

Coco Steel & Lovebomb: Chillout Album

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Artist: Coco Steel & Lovebomb
Title: Chillout Album

1.1 Intermittent Light Rain, Rising Slowly
1.2 Tangerine Dream, a Long Way from Home
1.3 What Is This Stuff, Blue Grass?
1.4 Queueing for Shangri-La with a Surprisingly Level Head
1.5 Soul on the Radio, Lap Steel in My Soul
1.6 Rain and Walking and a Strange Moment of Calm
1.7 You Parked Your Car in the Spaceport
1.8 Uncle Albert Would Never Believe What You Can Do with This Computer
1.9 Did You Enjoy the Country?/One Song, You've Only Got One Song
1.10 It's a Long Wait for the Trivandrum Intercity Express
1.11 Miles Away and Coming Closer
1.12 Ice Cream We All Scream for
1.13 Hey There Look at You, Unravelling
1.14 Alone Again with the Sun Coming Up

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