Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat: Breakthrough

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Colbie Caillat

Artist: Colbie Caillat
Title: Breakthrough

Deluxe version includes 5 additional studio tracks from the "Breakthrough" recording sessions as well as a special edition DVD.

1.1 I Won't
1.2 Begin Again
1.3 You Got Me
1.4 Fallin' for You
1.5 Rainbow
1.6 Droplets
1.7 I Never Told You
1.8 Fearless
1.9 Runnin' Around
1.10 Break Through
1.11 It Stops Today
1.12 Breakin' at the Cracks
1.13 What I Wanted to Say
1.14 Out of My Mind
1.15 Don't Hold Me Down
1.16 Never Let You Go
1.17 Stay with Me

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