Cold Blue

Cold Blue: Premeditated

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cold Blue

Title: Premeditated
Label: Essential Media Mod

1.1 Dirty Blue (Skit) [Feat. Norman Whitfield Jr. And Joy]
1.2 Cold Blue (Feat. Bruce Wayne and Flexx G)
1.3 Sexy
1.4 House on a Hill (Feat. Baby Doe)
1.5 Droppin Seed
1.6 Destiny (Skit)
1.7 Destiny (Feat. Rick a)
1.8 In the Nude (Feat. Don Black and Ray Styles)
1.9 Light Shine (Feat. Don Black)
1.10 Baller from Birth (Feat. Big Syke)
1.11 Rather B with U (Feat. Rick a)
1.12 Anger Management (Skit)
1.13 I'm Dirty
1.14 Seven Digits (Feat. Big Syke and Lord G)
1.15 Bang Bang
1.16 House on a Hill (Remix) Feat. Baby Doe
1.17 Get the Paper

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