Cold Truth

Cold Truth: Cold Truth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cold Truth

Title: Cold Truth
Label: CD Baby

Beneath the musical schizophrenia of today, there is a sound that continues unaffected by the trends of today, or fads of tomorrow. It is NOT psychedelic alternative grunge industrial ska punk! The sound IS true to the raw simplicity of rock and the instruments it takes to create it. Out of the Nashville area comes a group of veteran players; Thane Shearon-vocals and rhythm guitar, Kurt Menck-lead and rhythm guitar, Abe White-bass guitar, Matt Green-drums. They draw from their roots, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Black Sabbath, create the sound that is Cold Truth! With over eighty years of musical experience collectively, their songs and live performances convey this maturity. This ain't no boy band, but they're not so pissed that they want to kill your mother! In the words of Cold Truth fans: 'They sound like Bad Company with an edge.' 'They're like a swampy Whitesnake.' 'They're a crunchy Humble Pie.'

1.1 Break of a New Day
1.2 In Her Groove
1.3 Fire and Water
1.4 Slow Burn
1.5 Easy
1.6 The War
1.7 Come on
1.8 Pocket Full of Pearls
1.9 Bad News
1.10 Gravel Road

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